November 1, 2010 Baby Stuff

OK, I can’t resist.  I gotta show you guys my little halloween cuties.  (side note: I *love* the way Lauren says spooky: “POOkey!”) Dani was such a happy little lion! Sister Cats! My grumpy lil Tiger! Can you guess who carved which pumpkin(s)??  OK, yeah, David did the awesome one…but I picked the design!  Can […]

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Welcoming The Fall Into Our Home: Pumpkin Pancakes!

October 20, 2009 Breakfast

I’m baaack! Honestly, I have a backlog of recipes and photos to post….I just haven’t felt motivated to do so.  Sorry, Charlie(s). But now.  Now we are finally experiencing some fall weather here in north Florida and I got motivated to do some celebratory cooking!  First up:  Pumpkin pancakes!  (I have to say “pumpkin pancakes” […]

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