That Peaceful, Easy Feeling

by Becki D on March 5, 2010

Inner peace hasn’t come easily to me lately.  I blame it mostly on these crazy pregnancy hormones.  But there is so much to stress about right now, that I’m having trouble seeing the forest for the trees.

At first I was pretty torn up over the idea of Dad selling the house that I grew up in, but now I can’t wait for him to move to his new farm.  The old house is a wonderful and terrible place full of memories, and I think it overwhelms all of us when we’re there.  I know it does me.  I’m developing the opinion that memories are sweet, as long as they’re not too tangible.  At least in this case.

The new farm is pretty incredible.  It needs work – lots and lots of work – but Dad has already thrown himself into the task and he’s making it into HIS place, which I think is the best kind of therapy he could be getting right now.  And there is such an air of peace at that property.  It’s out in the country, and the sunsets are gorgeous.  You can hear the neighbor’s cows lowing in the distance, which I’ve discovered is an oddly comforting sound.

There are two bench swings at the farm – one in the back yard overlooking the pasture, and one on the front porch.  Lauren and I both zone out in the one in the yard…I can sit there and peace just washes over me.  No worrying about money and bills and all the annoyances of day-to-day life.  Just clear sky, open space, beautiful trees – it’s easy to see God’s hand and remember that He cares when I’m sitting out there.  It also feels like Mom is smiling down on us.  I really think she would love the place and what Dad is doing with it.


OK my next post will be a yummy one, I promise.  Caramel apple sticky buns!!

Hanging in there,


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