October 14, 2010 Four Legged Friends

I have lots of fun happy stuff to share with you guys!  So get ready for some random joyfulness! First, I am SO excited to report that I have redeemed my running self!  I did another 5k this past Saturday, and this time I had my running partner with me again.  I finished in 33:39 […]

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July 22, 2010 Baby Stuff

You might assume that because I have been very absent from the blogging lately that I just haven’t had time to bake.   That’s not exactly true.  I’ve been baking.  I just haven’t been taking pictures of the baked goods.  My camera keeps swinging toward a certain little muffin that didn’t come from the oven in […]

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How Sweet It Is!

June 8, 2010 Baked Goodness

Sugar cookies.  My Mom never made them.  I don’t like them (or at least I thought I didn’t).  Before this weekend, I attempted making sugar cookies exactly once, from a packaged mix, and they turned out like giant formless blobs and I hated them.  I don’t think I even tried decorating them before they hit […]

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