Four Legged Friends

A Tail Full of Stupid

April 12, 2011 Four Legged Friends

You know, there was a time when I was labeled as “gifted” meaning God had blessed me with above average intelligence.  Somewhere along the way in the decades since, I must have burned off all those robust brain cells. As you certainly know by now, I have a very green broke (meaning, just barely “broke” […]

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October 30, 2010 Four Legged Friends

I’m a dummy!!  But it all worked out, and I’m a dummy who just had the most incredible first experience – yesterday I sat on my horse Wunder.  It was his first time ever being ridden, and it was my first time being the first person to sit on a horse.  Totally.  Awesome.   But let […]

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October 14, 2010 Four Legged Friends

I have lots of fun happy stuff to share with you guys!  So get ready for some random joyfulness! First, I am SO excited to report that I have redeemed my running self!  I did another 5k this past Saturday, and this time I had my running partner with me again.  I finished in 33:39 […]

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A Little Bit of History

September 22, 2010 Four Legged Friends

Hey guys!  Remember me??  Sorry for neglecting the blog!  I’m still Battling The Bulge and therefore not baking much, but mostly I’m reconnecting with my True Love.  You see, before I was a Mommy, or a baker, or a runner, or a blogger, or any of the other things that you guys know me as […]

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In Limbo

September 13, 2010 Four Legged Friends

You guys may not know this, but most horses are pretty friendly toward people in general.  At least this has always been my experience.  But some horses, like my Mom’s mare Diantha, are one-person-only animals.  My Mom was definitely Diantha’s one person.  Diantha has been around our family for almost 20 years now, so  basically […]

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