Cake Pop Menagerie

by Becki D on May 21, 2012

Hello again, Bloggy Buddies!

The baking stuff has really been picking up lately, and I have really deepened my relationship with animal-themed cake pops from acquaintances to dependable BUDS.  Wanna see some of their sweet little faces?? (pun intended!)

I’ve made pink puppies:

Puppy Pop

Big Al, the Alabama Elephant:

Elephant Cake Pops

Cow cake pops:

Moo pops

I attempted some pitbull cake pops:

pit pops

Animal prints for a bridal shower:

Cheetah Print Cake Pops

People and their pets:

Maltese Cake Pop

People without their pets:


Face Cake Pop

I’ve made sweet cupcake and heart pops:

heart cake pops

….and a most unusual request – cake pops for a funeral director’s birthday!

calla lilly cake pops

And just wait til you see the cakes!  Needless to say, I’ve been one happy baker.  What have yall been up to????



Becki’s Been Busy!

by Becki D on February 27, 2012

Jake and Finn Birthday Cakes

In case yall have been wondering, I do still bake!  In fact, I have been baking up a storm these first few months of 2012!

First there were these awesome Adventure Time cakes for a friend of mine’s son – happy birthday, Riley!

Jake and Finn Birthday Party

Pretty cute, no?  I hear they were a huge taste hit, too and disappeared in record time.  Hooray!  Chocolate/vanilla swirl with milk chocolate filling and smooth vanilla buttercream frosting.

Antique Show Sheet Cake

You can’t really tell by the picture, but this was a “full” (read: FOUR 13×9 cakes) sheet cake for the local antique show.  Half chocolate, half vanilla with traditional “crispy” vanilla buttercream frosting.  Also reported as devoured in record time.

Butter Pecan Birthday Cake

Butter pecan cake for my Dad’s birthday.  Pecans from Dad’s farm.   Fresh = awesome!  Happy birthday, Dad!

Fisherman Quote Cake

Ahh…..the twinkie/fisherman/Florida gator cake for my nephew’s birthday.  His Mama requested that the cake taste like a twinie, so I did my darndest.  They say I hit it on the head.  Hooray!  Cake is covered in fishing quotes, done up in gator colors.  Love ya, Dalton!

Fishing Cake

Ah, the wielding of large cutlery…..

Homemade Twinkie Filling

Twinkie cake!

So that gets us almost caught up on cakes.  I’ll post all the crazy pops I’ve done lately tomorrow, then show you the coolest baby shower cake EVER!  (Well, ever to come out of my kitchen, anyway!)

Now who wants to clean my kitchen??


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