Baked Goodness


October 10, 2011 Baked Goodness

I used to have a “real” job.  I was an insurance nerd CSR. I know it’s hard to picture me holding such a mundane office job, what with the wild life I lead these days!  Or not. Anyway, the best thing about all the “real” jobs I’ve ever had was the people I met and […]

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Beach Bash Birthday!

August 19, 2011 Baked Goodness

Say that ten times fast! My awesome nephew Devin turned TEN this past week and had a birthday party to celebrate in his entry to the Double Digits Club.  Devin, his brother and his Daddy are fishermen extraordinaire.  Seriously.  I think they might be more into fishing than I was into horses when I was […]

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Once Upon A Baby Shower

July 28, 2011 Baby Stuff

Oh, Bloggy Buddies. I went totally crazy planning and crafting for my friend Abby’s baby shower, and I had *so* much fun doing it!  Seriously, could someone go ahead and pay me to do paper and sugar crafts full time??  That would be lovely, thanks! My inspiration came from Martha Stewart.  Check out her book-themed […]

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June 27, 2011 Baby Stuff

Howdy, Bloggy Buddies! June has been a crazzzzy month.  Long story short, my amazing MIL who I love and adore came down with a super rare and usually pretty deadly form of Encephalitis (which I will rename SE for Susan’s Encephalitis): “Without treatment, SE results in rapid death in approximately 70% of cases; survivors suffer […]

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Happy Meals

May 17, 2011 Baked Goodness

This weekend I got to enjoy a couple of special meals.  Saturday night my Mom’s Dressage Club honored her in a very special way.  They created an award in her name, and they presented it for the first time this weekend.  My brother and his family, as well as my Dad and I all went […]

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